2022 Polaris Color Lineup

Polaris Announces New Color Schemes

Polaris JUST prematurely announced the new colors for the 2022 GENERAL and RANGER models! Usually we have to wait until September for the visual release but this year things are different. 2022 RANGER Release Date New 2022 Polaris UTV Sales Process According to Polaris, certain models are not undergoing any major changes between 2021 and…

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Polaris RZR Accessories Oshkosh WI


Polaris RZR Accessories SHOP ACCESSORIES 68.5% of the fun of buying a RZR is upgrading it. If you ask any RZR owner they will make a joke about how expensive the accessories are while showing you thousands of dollars worth of them on their machine. Which accessories are necessary and which ones are for show?…

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Wisconsin ATV/UTV Clubs: How To Get People Involved


RUN THE CLUB LIKE A BUSINESS By: Tom VanZeeland IDENTIFY YOUR CORE VALUES The club was started to maintain and develop trails and have social interaction with like-minded people.  Make sure you don’t deviate too much from the core.  A lot of clubs become strictly social or become too focused on charity. That is when…

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Best UTV For Wisconsin Trails

UTV Wisconsin

This question always arises with customers that come into our store. WHAT IS THE BEST UTV FOR WISCONSIN TRAILS?   The answer to this question is a loaded one. But, if you are strictly looking at a vehicle that is best suited for trails you may just want to take a look at the Polaris…

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2022 Polaris RANGER Release Date

2022 Polaris RANGER Wisconsin

Polaris typically releases its new lineups to the public in July and the vehicles begin to arrive at dealerships in August. This will likely be true for the 2022 RANGER NorthStar as well but the current lack of availability and the new preorder purchasing dynamic could lead us into a very different kind of product…

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